Ushers Ministry/Greeters Ministry

Scripture Reference Psalm 84:10
Brother Paul Fleming, President
Sister Krishni Lester, Advisor
Sister Ann Williams, Greeter Ministry Director

Mission Statement

To welcome all members and visitors to our church with a smile and helping hand so that they may have and enjoyable experience.

Our Mission

To aid the Pastor in promoting worship by enforcing the rules of etiquette and dignity so that services can be carried out decently and in order with reverence and respect for God. Individuals who are courteous and enjoy assisting people are suited to become an usher.

Adult Ushers
Youth Ushers

The Greeters set the tone of the service as members of this ministry welcome people into the sanctuary. It prepares those who enter Rocky Mount for the worship experience. The objective of the ministry is to provide a display of love, friendliness, and warmth to members and visitors alike upon entering the fellowship. Special guests and guest speakers are provided for through the efforts of the Hospitality Ministry.